5 Ways to Recall Your Past Lives

5 Ways to Recall Your Past Lives

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Our lives before this incarnation can teach us so much about our ultimate soul journey and what we came here to accomplish on the path to remembering our highest selves. The more you know about your own soul, the clearer your road becomes. So much comfort and wisdom exists in recalling memories of ourselves before we even became humans. This knowledge can provide you with valuable information about the steps you should take on your spiritual journey.

Although many people desire to know more about their past incarnations, it can be difficult to start this journey alone. Luckily, many healers out there can help you out, such as specialists called past life regressionists, who have undertaken the incredible feat of discovering who they once were so they can guide others to do the same.


However, even if you don’t have a past life regressionist near you, the following tips can get you started on the path to knowing yourself in greater detail:

Think of what places or people seem oddly familiar to you.

You know that weird feeling of déjà vu we all experience at some point or another? Well, these feelings that you have met someone long before this lifetime or gone through that exact situation before might be memories of your past lives. In this life, we are automatically drawn to people and places that we have known before, because that makes discovering ourselves much more effortless. The universe conspires to make events and people come into your life that will assist you on your soul journey, so it often brings you to familiar people and places so that you will remember who you are.

Don’t dismiss these seemingly random moments of déjà vu; they actually serve a purpose and can help you identify yourself from past lives.

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Sit in a quiet, dimly lit room, and meditate.

Meditation serves as a wonderful tool to uncover hidden truths about yourself because once you quiet the chatter of your mind, you can more easily tap into the endless energy and wisdom of the soul. Your soul existed way before your physical body did, so it has been through many incarnations. As you go deeper within, pay attention to what comes into your stream of consciousness.

Do you remember certain faces, places, or experiences? What seems familiar to you? Maybe you have vivid memories of living in a different part of the world or meeting a spiritual master in a foreign land. Whatever comes to mind, if it resonates with your soul, you probably have experienced it before.

Don’t try too hard.

If you make learning about your past lives into more of a chore rather than a fun undertaking or hobby, you won’t really get anywhere with it. The more you look for the knowledge, the less you will find it. Just accept whatever comes into your stream of consciousness naturally, and allow it to flow through you. If you put too much effort into it, you might become misguided and recall memories of experiences that you didn’t actually have.

Relax, breathe deeply, and don’t focus too much on remembering. Focus more on Being, and the wisdom will naturally come to you.

Start off by thinking of your current existence. What might have happened in your past lives to get you to this point?

Think of everything you have been through. The pain, the struggles, the heartaches, your upbringing, your family life…anything that has shaped you into the person you are today. Maybe you haven’t had the best relationships with people in your past and wonder why things just don’t seem to go your way. Maybe you have parents that work a lot, and didn’t get to spend much time with them as a child.


Take everything in your life into consideration because this life happened directly from experience in a past life. We come here to learn from the past, and some people think of this planet as a deliverer of karma.


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