9 Signs Someone Has Outgrown Their Surroundings

9 Signs Someone Has Outgrown Their Surroundings


Specific characteristics separate the realms of the living versus non-living. Perhaps the most fundamental of differences is the need and ability to grow. It’s only normal to feel frustrated when you’ve outgrown your current life.

You grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as a human. The physical aspect usually stops by age 21, but you’ll continue to grow in the other elements for life. They are often the most difficult changes to recognize.

Nine Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Surroundings by Personal Growth

Has your inner voice been whispering to you that change is in the air? Personal growth can include expanding your knowledge, skills, and ways of life. Here are nine signs to recognize when someone’s outgrown their surroundings and what to do next.

1. Everyone in Your Circle is Changing if You Have Outgrown Your Surroundings

Some of the things that bring people together are things they have in common. Many friends in your circle probably are around the same age and place in life. You may have common goals like raising your family and flourishing in a career.

Have you noticed any life changes within your circle? Maybe they are expanding their goals and moving in different directions than you. It doesn’t mean that you’re no longer essential to them, but it means you’ve outgrown your surroundings.



How are your friends’ lives changing, and where are your places in life? Maybe you’ll be happier in your circle if you make some life changes. Friendships can evolve over a lifetime.

2. You Can No Longer Relate to Your Friendship Circle

How can you be sure you’ve outgrown your friendship circle and your surroundings? The next time you’re out with close friends, pay attention to the conversation. Are you chatting effortlessly from subject to subject, or do you quickly run out of things to discuss?

That period of awkward silence may be your clue that you have a few things in common. Either you are still in their place in life, or you’re searching for something more. For example, you may not fit in the single crowd anymore if you’ve decided to settle down in a committed relationship.


Perhaps the changes you want to make in your life don’t mesh with your friends and vice versa. You can outgrow friendships, which doesn’t mean you hate each other. It’s okay to go your own way and let them go theirs amicably.

3. When You Have Outgrown Your Surroundings, Your Interests Will Change

An article published by NPR states that your personality changes throughout your lifetime, usually for the better. While you retain most of your personality traits, they will mature and change with you, says the article.

As your personality changes over time, it stands to reason that you’ll develop different interests. You may have been a die-hard football fan for years and eventually get a taste for basketball. Or you may do the complete opposite and become an avid reader.

Outgrowing your interests doesn’t always mean you kick them all aside. You may combine new hobbies with old ones or develop new ones. It’s all about your life-long maturity and constantly evolving interests.


The best time to discover new interests and skills is in the present. Listen to your inner voice and try whatever interests you. Learn a foreign language, take up painting, or do anything exciting that speaks to you.

4. You Don’t Feel Satisfied in Life Anymore

Think of your life as the seasons of the year. As you transition from one life stage to another, your needs and wants change with you. As a young adult, what was fulfilling may not be satisfying for you at middle age.

These restless feelings are the Universe’s gentle clue that you’ve outgrown your surroundings. At some point, your goals need to advance with your maturity. Setting new aspirations may be the thing you need to get out of a rut.


Think of your life as a body of water that needs to move. Water that stays pooled and never moves becomes stagnant, and nothing can live in it. Never settle for a boring life with nothing that makes you strive to be better.

5. You’ve Planned New Goals to Reach

At what stage in your life have you “made it” and can sit back in a rocking chair and stop dreaming? No matter how old you are or what you’ve accomplished, you never quit dreaming and setting higher goals. Of course, many of your new goals may be mental and spiritual accomplishments.

When you’re spending more time daydreaming about stepping out of your comfort zone, it’s time to do it. You’ve outgrown your surroundings, and your past goals no longer satisfy you. Yearning for different scenery and experiences is your call to action.



Creating a dream board is an excellent way of defining your goals and reminding you each day. Design it however you want with pictures, inspirational sayings, and ideas. Use it as a plan to bring the changes in your life that you need.

6. You’re Just Bored When You Have Outgrown Your Space

Boredom is the enemy of a creative mind. Your brain craves a challenge and isn’t content with the status quo. In his article published by Psychology Today, Dr. Shahram Heshmat discusses the psychology of boredom. At least 30 to 60 percent of adults in America experience it at some point in their daily lives, says Heshmat.

It’s marked by your lack of interest and motivation in something. Maybe it’s something you’ve done for so long that you’ve outgrown it. The best remedy for boredom is discovering something new and exciting for your life.


If you’re bored with daily living, you’re not working up to your potential. What are some ways you can challenge your brain and do something new? Boredom often masks the fear of walking into the unknown.

7. You Constantly Dream of Another Life

Your dreams can be a glimpse into how you feel about your life. If you’re content, your nightly visions will probably revolve around aspects of your current situation. However, human satisfaction is never static, and you’ll soon be dreaming of brighter shores.

Let’s say that you’ve worked at the same job for several years and you feel like there’s something more. You start binge-watching travel shows where people start a new life in a foreign country. Soon, you look beyond your hectic city life to a tranquil setting in the country or on a beach.

You may be dreaming of totally reinventing yourself with a new career path that you’ve always wanted. The only thing holding you back is the fear of making a mistake. Since you’re outgrowing your environment, the biggest mistake is not taking a chance.


What’s holding you back from living the dream you’ve always wanted? Create a plan that includes your goals, time frame, and what you need to accomplish first. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be where you long to be.

8. You Feel a Void that You Try to Fill

Aristotle once famously stated that nature detests empty spaces. When there’s a space in the physical or spiritual world, it must be filled. A tell-tale sign that you’ve overgrown your surroundings is a void in your soul.

Many people don’t recognize this void as a sign of stagnation. Your entire being wants to grow, but some aspect is missing. Unfortunately, they often plug this space into unhealthy habits and substance addiction.

However, you may understand that this emptiness is your sign that you need changes. It could be your job, relationship, or even where you live. Being honest with yourself and defining your goals will seal the gap with contentment.


You’ll never fill that void in your heart until you follow your dreams. What is missing from your life? Don’t use substance abuse to keep from making necessary changes.

9. You Feel Envious of Other People’s Lives and Accomplishments

While you may not be a jealous person in general, it’s a natural emotion. It isn’t easy to smile and congratulate a coworker who got the promotion you wanted. The old green-eyed monster may appear as you park your jalopy next to your in-law’s sports car.

However, the feelings can go more profound when you begin to envy other people’s lives. It can happen even if you have the most and are the most successful. What’s probably behind your jealousy is wanting the joy and satisfaction you see them have.

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