10 Signs Your Partner Is Treating You Like You Truly Deserve

10 Signs Your Partner Is Treating You Like You Truly Deserve

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Let’s hope your partner is treating you better than you deserve, and at a minimum, they show all of these 10 signs in your relationship.

Here are signs they’re treating you how you deserve:

1. Your partner’s friends know you’re a package deal

Before you met, you each had friends and being included in get-togethers with their friends can be a testing time. Ideally, your partner will make sure that their friends get to meet you in a happy, stress-free atmosphere. Starting things off on the right foot with loved ones means your partner is treating you like you deserve.


2. You are included in future plans

Tomorrow definitely includes you in your partner’s mind, and they show it by involving you in the planning of both little and big daily future events.

3. Trust goes both ways

Your partner demonstrates that they trust you when they are treating you like you deserve. You are able to demonstrate that you trust them as well by not checking up on their actions.

4. Strong communication skills

You feel informed about how your partner feels, their short-term and long-term plans, their special moments that happened in the day and anything else you might want to know.

5. Rarely argues with you

Cooperation is the spirit of working together so both parties feel supported in their needs. If your partner is treating you like you deserve then they are allowing you to express your needs and making sure that they work to meet you at least halfway, rather than explain why they can’t budge.

6. They uplift you rather than bring you down

Everyone hates nagging or criticizing but we are all guilty of doing it anyway. If your partner is treating you like you deserve, rather than nag that you aren’t doing something their way, they accept that your way of doing things is just fine. In fact, they had never noticed how efficiently you fold a t-shirt and they vow to start doing it your way from now on.


7. Your partner shares

Sharing feelings, their favorite stories, and even their stuff is what your partner does well when they are treating you like you deserve. Sharing is caring, after all.

8. They don’t play favorites

Researchers studying fairness found that equal love, care and support to all members of the family without favoritism and equal treatment were important to how people define fairness in their close relationships.


In partnerships, the researchers say “fairness includes morality and standard of the inner state, also it involves decision making. It includes being equal regardless of socioeconomic status, respect each other and recognizing the rights of individual.” Both men and women in the study agreed that fairness is getting what you deserve and also giving equal consideration to others.

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