15 Ways to Send Positive Vibes to a Friend in Need

15 Ways to Send Positive Vibes to a Friend in Need

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Being a friend comes with significant responsibilities. There are times when your pal is on top of the mountain where the sun is shining bright, but other times they may be down in the valley where the only glimmer of hope is you. People often underestimate the power of kindness, and it’s one of the easiest ways for you to spread positive vibes to a friend in need.

It’s a real task to learn how to stay kind and cheerful when the whole world around you is in chaos, but it can be done. The best part about sharing kindness is that the Universe sees and will repay you with good karma. Can you remember the last time that you went out of your way to send positive vibes to someone going through a rough time?

These random acts of kindness not only make them feel better, but it makes you feel good too. Plus, sympathy and doing good things towards others can really turn your day and mood around. How many times has someone done something for you that turned a bad day into a good one?


Fifteen Ways To Send Positive Vibes to Those in Need

To help someone in need, you don’t have to make a grand gesture. Remember that some of the most meaningful actions are the small things that show you really care. If you want to spread positive vibes, then here is a list of 15 things that you can do to help someone.

send positive vibes1. Be There To Listen

When people are going through a rough time, they just want someone to listen to them. They want to be heard and for someone to validate their feelings. One of the best things you can do is listen and let them know you’re there for them.

2. Share a Smile to Spread Positive Vibes

A smile doesn’t cost a cent, but it’s one of the most valuable things you can do. When you see a friend or coworker that’s down, look at them and give them a huge smile. You’re saying so much to this individual without opening your mouth.

Your smile may be what gets them through the day. Did you know there’s such a thing as smile therapy? It sounds strange, but Dr. Stephen Ghim is a dentist in the Charlotte, NC area. He discusses that a smile can improve your self-esteem, increase happiness, raise confidence, and make you more alert.

Smiles are also infectious, as it’s hard for you to look at someone and smile and they do not smile in return.

3. Bring Them a Bouquet of Flowers

Who doesn’t love a lovely arrangement of flowers? Flowers can brighten any space, even a hospital room. It’s fascinating that some people only give flowers when someone passes, as there are so many other occasions when it’s the perfect gesture.

Please don’t wait till someone leaves this earth to send them flowers, do it now when they need them the most.

4. Tell Someone To Have a Great Day

A word of encouragement is always welcomed. Telling your friend that you hope they have a good day is a way to send positive vibes out into the atmosphere.

5. Tell Them How Great They Look to Send Positive Vibes

When you don’t feel good, likely, you don’t feel like you look good either. Whatever blows life hands you are only complicated by your inability to sit in your room and cry all day. Life goes on, and you must get up and motivate.

Your friend may need the positive boost that telling them to look great does for their spirit. Have you ever told someone they looked awful or thought they were sick? It’s probably not long before they felt worse. The power of suggestion is compelling, so use it wisely.

6. Offer To Bring Hot Soup or Remedies if They’re Sick

If your friend is sick, why not offer to bring them something to make them feel better. Some honey to soothe a sore throat or some pineapple juice to help clear mucus might be just what they need. Maybe they would like something to eat and don’t feel like making it, and you can be a big help.

7. Hug Them (The Best Way to Send Positive Vibes)

Don’t ever underestimate the power of an embrace. Putting your arms around someone is very healing. According to Hilary Jacobs Hendel LCSW at Psychology Today, she recalls her training to become a counselor and the mandates from the American Psychological Association state that you “do not touch.” However, she didn’t feel that was acceptable when her patients were hurting so badly.

She had one patient, Gretchen, that she wanted to try a therapeutic hug on. When the client stood in her office sobbing her eyes out, Hendel felt it was inhuman not to offer her an embrace. She’s studied the power of hugs immensely, and she’s discovered that hugging someone can give comfort and emotional regulation.

Bodies react to increased energy, and it calms the nervous system. If your friend feels small and scared in the world, then your hug might be the healing balm they need.

send positive vibes8. Send a Silly Joke

Laughter is another thing that is just not done often enough. It would help if you smiled as it lifted your spirits. Send your friend a joke, funny meme, or some crazy story about your day. Chances are, you will have them smiling and feeling a bit better by this kind gesture that sends positive vibes.

9. Offer To Run an Errands

There are times in life when it’s all you can do to lift your head off the pillow. No matter what your friend is facing, they might not feel like going to the grocery store, paying the water bill, or taking out the trash. Offering to pitch in and help is greatly appreciated.


10. Reminisce With Them

Things won’t always look so bleak. Remind your friend of better days. Tell them stories of crazy things you did when you were younger or remind them of something that will make them smile. Getting their mind off their current situation will help them to get out of their funk.

11. Send Them a Card in the Mail to Spread Positivity

Sending a card in the mail is something that many folks don’t do anymore. With the advances in technology, people try to avoid the mail. However, it’s still exciting to think that someone took time out of their day to send positive vibes through snail mail.

12. Go For a Drive With Your Favorite Tunes

Sometimes you need to remove yourself from a situation, even if it’s just for a little while. There’s something very therapeutic about driving around, windows down, and listening to some good tunes. Why not get your friend out of the house and into some fresh air?

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